Kashmir Security Shakeup: 57 Ex-VIPs Left Exposed in Surprise Move

Kashmir Security Shakeup: 57 Ex-VIPs Left Exposed in Surprise Move

Kashmir Security Shakeup: Dozens of Prominent Figures Lose Protection

In a major security overhaul, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has revoked security cover for 57 prominent figures, sparking surprise and raising questions about the rationale behind the move.

The directive, issued by the Srinagar Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) office, removes security personnel assigned to a diverse group of VIPs. This includes former political leaders like ex-Mayors, Ministers, and Members of Parliament (MPs), retired law enforcement officials (police officers), judges (both serving and retired), bureaucrats (both serving and retired), and even a select few journalists.

The decision comes after a review conducted by the State Level Committee on March 30, 2024. This committee is tasked with periodically evaluating threat assessments and security needs of individuals who have been granted official protection.

Among the notable figures who have lost their security cover are:

  • Munir Ahmad Khan: A retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer who currently serves on the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Commission.
  • Junaid Mattoo: A former Mayor of Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and Retired Chief Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir: Former judges of the judicial system.
  • Farooq Ahmad Shah: A retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is currently a leader in the National Conference (NC) political party.
  • Sharif Din Shariq (Former MP), Mohammad Shafi Uri (Former MLA), and Javed Mustafa Mir, M. Ashraf Mir, and Imran Raza Ansari (Former Ministers): Prominent figures who previously held elected office.

The sudden withdrawal of security has generated considerable discussion and some unease. While the specific reasons behind each individual case haven’t been made public, the move suggests a significant shift in the security landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. It remains to be seen whether this is an isolated incident or part of a broader security policy change in the region.

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