Srinagar battles cancer epidemic as cases surge to record levels

Srinagar battles cancer epidemic as cases surge to record levels

Kashmir’s Cancer Crisis: A Deep Dive into the Soaring Numbers

Kashmir’s premier healthcare institution, Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura, is grappling with a surge in cancer cases that has sent shockwaves through the region. Over 4,000 new cases were registered in 2023 alone, adding to the staggering tally of 44,112 cases since 2014. This alarming trend is evident in the yearly statistics, with a steady rise from 3,940 cases in 2014 to 5,294 in 2022.

The Tip of the Iceberg: Underreporting and Out-of-Region Treatment

These figures may not fully capture the true extent of Kashmir’s cancer crisis. Many diagnosed patients seek treatment outside the region, traveling to cities like Punjab, Mumbai, and Delhi, for specialized care. This out-migration of cancer patients for treatment means that the actual number of cases could be significantly higher than the reported figures.

Gender-Specific Trends: Lung Cancer in Men, Breast Cancer in Women

Lung cancer remains the predominant form of cancer among men in Kashmir, while breast cancer incidence is on the rise among women. This disparity is attributed to various factors, including smoking habits and gender-specific risk factors for breast cancer.

A Multifactorial Etiology: Smoking, Family History, Obesity, and Age

Experts point to a multitude of factors contributing to the surge in cancer cases in Kashmir. Smoking is a major risk factor for lung cancer, while family history, obesity, and age play significant roles in the development of various cancers.

Jammu & Kashmir: A Region Battling Cancer

Data from the Union Health Ministry reveals a grim picture of cancer in Jammu & Kashmir. Over the past four years (2019-2022), the region witnessed 51,577 reported cancer cases, with 12,396 cases in 2019, 12,726 in 2020, 13,060 in 2021, and 13,395 cases in 2022.

A Rising Death Toll: Cancer’s Devastating Impact

The heartbreaking numbers depict a continuous rise in cancer-related deaths in Jammu & Kashmir. From 6,824 reported deaths in 2018, the toll has escalated to 7,003 in 2019, 7,189 in 2020, 7,211 in 2021, and reached 7,396 cancer patient fatalities in 2022.

Dietary Habits, Lifestyle Choices, and High-Salt Foods: A 2012 SKIMS Study

A 2012 study conducted by SKIMS linked the rise in cancer cases to dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and the consumption of high-salt foods. This highlights the importance of public health initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the consumption of risk factors associated with cancer.

Addressing Kashmir’s Cancer Crisis: A Multi-Pronged Approach

Tackling Kashmir’s cancer crisis requires a multi-pronged approach that encompasses:

  • Raising awareness about cancer prevention and early detection

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles, including smoking cessation and a balanced diet

  • Enhancing cancer screening and diagnostic facilities

  • Expanding access to quality cancer treatment within the region

  • Addressing environmental factors that may contribute to cancer risk

  • Strengthening palliative care for cancer patients

By addressing these issues, Kashmir can begin to reverse the alarming trend of rising cancer cases and alleviate the suffering caused by this devastating disease.

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