Skyrocketing poultry, vegetable prices leave consumers in lurch

Skyrocketing poultry, vegetable prices leave consumers in lurch

The exorbitant poultry and vegetable rates in Srinagar are taking a toll on the consumers. The consumers said that the sellers were overlooking government prices and selling these commodities at exorbitant rates.

The consumers are decrying the failure of the authorities to keep a check on the market.

The consumers in Srinagar said that selling poultry at higher rates than government-designated rates had taken a toll on them.

As per the official website of the Directorate of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA), there has been no fresh revision in poultry rates across Kashmir since March and the rate of chicken continues to be Rs 130 per kg.

However, the consumers complained that despite the government fixing the rate of chicken at Rs 130 per kg, the sellers were resorting to rates of their own, selling chicken at Rs 170-180 per kg.

We received complaints about the higher rates of chicken from various areas including Dalgate, Hazratbal, downtown, and uptown areas of Srinagar.

“The rates of chicken are Rs 130 per kg as per the government and sellers are selling it at Rs 170 to Rs 180 per kg. This is injustice to consumers and a mockery of those who are supposed to keep the rates in check. If things keep going like this, there will be no way that common people can consume poultry,” said Farooq Ahmad, a resident of Nowhatta.

The consumers said that in Srinagar outskirts, chicken was being sold at Rs 180 per kg.

“There is a hike of Rs 50 if we compare it to the government-designated rates. It is loot, and no one is doing anything about it. Here in Hazratbal the rate of chicken is Rs 180 per kg for the past week. When we ask about the government rates, no one pays heed,” said another consumer.

The consumers complained that the rate list for vegetables and other essential commodities was not followed either.

They said daily use vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables were being sold at higher rates than the government-designated rates.

They said that the same was the case with fruit sellers.

As per a market survey by us, potatoes were being sold at Rs 30 while onions at Rs 40.

The rates of other vegetables and greens are higher than government-designated rates.

“While the poultry and meat rates are skyrocketing, the poor cannot even have vegetables at affordable prices,” said Zahoor Ahmad, a consumer.

Director FCS&CA Reyaz Ahmad Sofi told that they were deploying teams to check if the rates were being followed.

He said that they would intensify the market check in the coming days.

“Our teams are already checking the rates. However, I assure the consumers that market checking will be intensified. We will ensure that the government-designated rates are followed by everyone and consumers get a respite,” Sofi said.

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