G20 Delegates and Kashmir’s Tourism Industry discuss Eco-Tourism Promotion and Advisory Removal

G20 Delegates and Kashmir's Tourism Industry discuss Eco-Tourism Promotion and Advisory Removal

From negative travel advisories to the promotion of ecotourism in Kashmir, the G20 delegates and local tourism stakeholders discussed a wide array of topics concerning the hospitality sector.

Officials said that there was a constructive discussion among the stakeholders and delegates who are currently on a three days visit to Kashmir.

The meeting’s topic on Tuesday was ‘Eco-tourism as a means of accomplishing sustainable objectives’.

Some of the attendees spoke with Kashmiri tourist industry representatives outside of the meeting who they advised should promote ecotourism.

According to Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club, Mushtaq Chaya, these events provide tourism industry participants with the chance to meet with individuals from all cultures and nations.

“There were many fruitful discussions regarding how to increase tourism in Kashmir. We spoke in detail about the possibilities for tourism in Kashmir as well as how to promote ecotourism. The problematic travel warnings were also raised,” he said.

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Javid Tenga said that they spoke with the delegates about sustainable tourism because the meeting’s focus was eco-tourism.

“The delegates listened to our issues and recommendations and it was a really fruitful exchange,” he said.

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Additionally, according to Tenga, they pushed the delegation to advocate for Kashmir in their respective nations as a safe destination.

“We were quite clear about Spain and the EU. They appeared to be proactive in their approach, and we anticipate shortly welcoming visitors from abroad,” he said.

Delegates, according to the stakeholders, were extremely optimistic about the development of ecotourism in Kashmir.

“They appeared to be extremely satisfied with the Kashmiri terrain after seeing it. The notion of eco-tourism, which is viable and thriving in Europe, was frequently presented to us during our interactions,” President of the Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) Farooq Ahmad Kuthoo said.

The tourism industry participant said that they would now prioritise promoting eco-tourism in Kashmir.

“The future is in ecotourism. Due to our delicate ecology, we should follow the lead of wealthy nations in boosting ecotourism,” Kuthoo said.

Officials said that the G20 delegates agreed that the sustained expansion of tourism in Kashmir might make a substantial contribution to the area’s economic development, open up job possibilities for the local population, and raise living standards.

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