A Mesmerizing Springtime Scene – Blossoming Almond Trees in Kashmir

A Mesmerizing Springtime Scene - Blossoming Almond Trees in Kashmir

The pink and white flowers on the almond trees are no less than a floral wonderland. And the famous Almond Garden, ”Badamwari’ of Srinagar city has thousands of these almond trees, which are in full bloom and all set to welcome tourists as well as locals.

Tulip Festival 2023 (04 Nights & 05 Days)
Tulip Festival 2023 (04 Nights & 05 Days)

The Gardens of the Valley are finally turning into colourful palettes with almond and cherry blossoms. And thousands of tourists are thronging the Kashmir Valley only to witness these beautiful visuals. These are the first flowers to bloom in a season and Badamwari garden located at the foothills of Kohi-Maraan mountain on 300 Kanals of land has more than 1000 almond trees.

”I came to know about Almond Blossoms from our local guide, they recommended this place, we didn’t know that there is Japanese cherry blossom in India, and we would get to see it. We thought it would be one or two trees but it’s the whole garden, It’s such a beautiful spot, I think everyone would be amazed. Kashmir has been a beautiful surprise for me, We really didn’t plan but since spring is a lovely time to visit and everyone here is so genuine and hospitable. We are extremely happy with our visit to the Valley,” said Swati, a tourist.

A huge number of locals as well as the tourists are arriving at the Almond Garden. The social media sites are already filled with pictures of the Badamwari. The government is hoping that all the previous records of tourist arrivals would be broken this spring. The tourists already in the valley are enjoying the view of the bloom.

”I have been travelling across India for around 4 months, and when I came to Kashmir I just couldn’t leave. It’s been two months since I came here, I fell in love with Kashmir. And it’s not only Kashmir but the people here are lovely. Kashmir people have a golden heart and great culture. In Indonesia we don’t know about Kashmir that much, Its as beautiful as Europe, ” said Susanna Louis, a tourist from Indonesia.

The Tourism department of Kashmir is planning to celebrate the full spring season across the various gardens of the Srinagar City. The festival will start from Badamwari as almond flowers are first to bloom.

”We will have a full-fledged Badamwari festival by Mid-March. We are waiting for the full bloom. We are also planning festivals in offbeat destinations like Yusmarg and Pampore. We are expecting a good season, we had a great season last year and even this year we will have a great season. A lot of promotion will bear fruit and it’s a great place to visit and I am sure people will, ” said Faz Lul Haseeb, Director Tourism.

The tourist stakeholders are also expecting huge arrivals this spring season as the Government is also planning to open Kashmir’s Famous Tulip garden early this year.

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