‘Lingering Kashmir conflict continues to consume lives’: Hurriyat (M)

‘Lingering Kashmir conflict continues to consume lives’: Hurriyat (M)

All Parties Hurriyat Conference Tuesday said that 2021 was one more year lost to killings, bloodshed, and violence in J-K -a result of the lingering Kashmir conflict.

In a statement issued here, a spokesperson said, “And as the year 2022 begins, each day since its beginning, precious human lives of young boys killed in gunfights are being lost, which is extremely sad.”

APHC said that the lingering conflict continues to consume lives on all sides bringing only pain and sorrow with it.

“It has been seventy-five years since J-K was forcibly divided, its people separated by an artificial line, giving birth to the Kashmir issue. The issue continues to remain unresolved, despite UN resolutions, wars, and bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan. In the meantime, people of J-K continue to bear the brunt and suffer.” The communique said.

APHC said that it firmly believes and has repeatedly been advocating since its formation, that violence killings and hostility in the region will end if engagement for deliberations among the concerned parties is given a chance, gradually paving the way for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict.

“Force, Repression, Propaganda, and underhandedness as a State policy being pursued in J-K, in the long run, will only be counterproductive and fatal.” The statement concluded.

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