Avoid Internet Bans by Using a Free VPN that works in Kashmir

On the first week of February 2021, the Indian authorities agreed to finally restore nationwide internet access by temporarily lifting the 18-month ban, the longest internet blackout in a democratic country. With this move, schools, banks, and other essential online services are now free to operate without restrictions. Additionally, the lifting of the internet ban can help in the improvement of the healthcare system in the country, especially in an era where proper healthcare is needed the most.

But given the previous incidents, it will probably take just enough time before they repeal the order and ultimately declare another nationwide internet shutdown. In order to not fall into this black hole all over again, citizens are advised to have an alternative plan. One solution to the recurring problem is to install a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that can circumvent any internet restrictions.

To those who aren’t aware of what a VPN is, here’s the simplest explanation: a VPN acts as an invisibility cloak that hides a user’s identity and private activities online. The key point is, using a reputable VPN service makes one’s browsing experience safe and unbounded by any blocks. For a more technical explanation, A VPN is a software that encrypts everything that passes through its server, making the data unreadable for a third-party agent to monitor and manipulate. Picture a tunnel right between the user and the internet, the tunnel is the VPN, and everything that is done while the user is inside the tunnel stays in it. This makes it hard for professional hackers, even Internet Service Providers (ISP) to use the data that is sent over the internet against innocent users.

More importantly, A VPN app also helps users to bypass strict firewalls brought about by internet bans or geographical restrictions. This can be done by masking the user’s real IP address and changing it to a different one to trick the remote server. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter how many times the national government mandates an internet ban, with a VPN, citizens will not be affected and can continue living their daily lives by easily accessing the world wide web anytime and from anywhere.

There are a lot of readily-available VPNs online, make sure to do some research before jumping into one. For starters, once can try and download a free VPN like GoingVPN. It offers a free and safe service that can help circumvent the impending internet bans. To learn more, check out their website or go straight to the Google Play Store.

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