Poland couple remarries in Srinagar: “Love Everything About Kashmir”

Inspired by the rich culture of Kashmir Valley, a couple from Poland, hosted their wedding reception at banks of river Jhelum in Srinagar. The ceremony, that took place on Saturday, was held according to Kashmiri customs.
The couple, Bata and Wlodek, chose to dress up in traditional attire for the occasion. “We were inspired by the culture and the cuisine of the Valley,” said Bata, the bride.

She also added that she has been visiting Kashmir for the past three years and loves the culture of the place.

The couple cited their love for Kashmiri culture and food as the reason for holding the reception in Srinagar.

Talking about the couple’s traditional Kashmiri attire, Bata said, “We wanted to look like Kashmiris so we choose this attire. I love everything about Kashmir.”

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