Admin Bans Fat Weddings, Restricts number of Guests & Dishes

Jammu and Kashmir government on Tuesday announced a number of restrictions to curb the wastage at social, government and private gatherings, especially weddings to prevent wastage of food.
“There shall be complete ban on sending dry fruits, sweet packets extra with invitation card by any person to relatives, friends, guests, invitees etc,” read an order, issued today.

“There shall b complete ban on use of amplifiers, loudspeakers and firecrackers”.
“The number of guests to be invited on marriage of daughter (barat), marriage of son and small functions like engagement of son or daughter and other small functions should be restricted to a maximum of 500, 400 and 100 respectively.”
“The number of non-veg, veg dishes to be cooked in such functions should be restricted to a max of seven each and two stalls of sweets and fruits.”

The order shall come into effect from April 1, 2017.

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