Highest rail bridge to be terror-proof

The world’s highest rail bridge being constructed over the Chenab river in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir will be “terror attack-proof” and is expected to be completed by early 2019, the Konkan Railway has said.
“Apart from being safe from all possible disasters, including earthquakes, this bridge will be absolutely safe to sustain terror strike and every precautionary step is being considered to make it foolproof,” Konkan Railway Chairman and Managing Director Sanjay Gupta told reporters, who visited the bridge site.
“I want to assure you all that this bridge will be most safe and the perfect way to travel,” said Gupta.
He said almost 60 per cent of the work was done, and after completion, the maximum permissible limit for a train over the bridge would be 90 kmph. An 18-coach train can tolerate wind speed of 80 kmph while passing through it.
“We are making the bridge terror-proof. We have taken logistical support of DRDO officials and when completed, the bridge’s pillars and other parts can withstand a jolt created by 40 kg of RDX with no immediate adverse effect on the operation of the trains,” said another senior official.
The construction of the 359-m high and 1,315-m long rail bridge started in 2005 and it was initially slated to be completed in December 2009.
However, in 2008 the work was stopped amid fears over its stability and safety. Its construction restarted in 2010 and officials hope to complete it by early 2019.
The bridge is part of the much-awaited 326-km-long Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail link that will connect the Kashmir valley with the rest of the country.

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