Saffron Brigade wants Kashmir to burn in a fire of Communal Hatred. Political prisoners shall be released: Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir

Chairman Ummat e Islami, Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir today addressing a mammoth gathering at Jamia Masjid Islamabad spoke about the dangerous consequences of the Saffron brigades’ in routes to Jammu Kashmir. Mirwaiz Yasir said that the saffron brigade is hell bent upon disturbing the communal harmony of the state. He said by imposing ban on bovines, the brigade plans to fracture us economically and at the same time it wants the state to burn in a fire of communal violence. He said the people of Jammu Kashmir have lived together peacefully for centuries but these saffron terrorists want people to burn in the fire of Hatred to garner more votes and to occupy Kashmir firmly. He repeated that no power on the earth can change the allowed into prohibited.

“Fundamentalists and communal forces have been emboldened ever since the PDP and BJP government came to power in Kashmir and at the Centre,”

“Putting ban on Alcohol does  not justify ban on beef” Mirwaiz Yasir said. He said the state Government rather than drifting from the main issues and using their partners to beat Kashmiris inside the assemblies should try to revoke the ban and if not possible they should keep the promises made to the voters. He said that since the time BJP has been in power an atmosphere of chaos and fear has been created in India wherein minorities and “low castes” have been subjected to brutalities and a sense of uncertainty and fear prevails amongst them. He condemned the murder of mohammed Akhlaq who was killed for allegedly storing beef. He said the secularism of India stands exposed when people from minority wake up to the plight of their community and they are dubbed as Anti Nationals. Incidents like such justify Ali Mohammed Jinnah’s two nation theory.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir also condemned the brutalism against Pro Resistance leadership. He said the genuine leadership of Kashmir is being provided no space for peaceful unarmed struggle. “The arrest of JKLF Chairman, Haji Mohammed Yasin Malik stands a testimony to the fact the Indian state provides no space for opponent voices” Mirwaiz Yasir said. He condemned the house arrest of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the frequent arrests of Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Nayeem Ahmed Khan and other pro Freedom leadership. He also condemned the raids on the house of DeM superemo, Syed Aasiya Andrabi and said the cause of Freedom is not a voice limited to a few individuals, the cause of liberation belongs to all and every single person is a stakeholder. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir expressed sorrow over the plight of detainees languishing in various jails inside and outside Kashmir. He said the inmates are treated pathetically and inhumanely. He demanded all the Kashmiri political prisoners lodged in jails across India should be shifted back to Srinagar Central Jail because the inmates are suffering from diseases due to unhygienic conditions and continuous tortures. Expressing concern over the “deteriorating” health of the detainees, Mirwaiz Yasir appealed to the IAmnesty International, Asia Watch and nternational Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and others human rights organizations to intervene immediately and save the lives of the Kashmiri prisoners.

Mirwaiz Yasir also expressed anguish with the judicial tyranny the youth are being subjected to. He said the youth are being continuously called to courts and Police stations in old cases hence they spend most of their time in the courts and police stations. He said the PDP government that is a built its base on lies and deceit promised that the stone pelting youth should be freed from all the charges and all the cases of stone pelting shall be scrapped from the courts. However this promise too turned to be hoax like most of their promises. “The Flood Victims who were promised rehab and relief still await something from the Government” He said.’

At last Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir demanded the release of political prisoners including Ghulam Qadir Bhat, Mehmood Topiwaal, Mohammed Qasim Faktoo, Muzaffar Ahmad Dar, Mushtaq Ahmad Lone, Mushtaq ul Islam, Mohammed Shafi Shariyati, Masarat Alam Bhat and others.

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