Will boycott products from other states but won’t stop eating beef: Anantnag traders’ body

The traders of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Sunday said that the threats by Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) and other Hindu organizations to enforce economic blockade of Kashmir have exposed their evil intentions against Kashmiri Muslims.

Will boycott products from other states but won’t stop eating beef - Anantnag traders’ bodyChairman of All Traders Association of Anantnag (ATAA), Ghulam Nabi Shah said that threatening Kashmiris of economic blockade was foolishness on part of VHP.

“We will boycott all the products supplied to us from Indian states but won’t stop eating beef on their diktat. Let them block the supplies to valley and that is not going to starve us. The responsibility of survival of every human lies with Allah. So if some hate mongers think they are the source of our survival, they are mistaken,” Shah said.

President of the trade body, Mohammad Shafi Wani said that there can be nothing unlawful than threatening a community of blockade of supplies but one wonders why such elements are being allowed to roam free.

“Is law meant for Kashmiri youth only and not for the hate mongers of VHP who want us to obey their diktat in our religious matters as well,” Wani told .

Riyaz Ahmad Bhat, general secretary of the trade body said that the threats by the “hate mongers clearly speak of their intentions about Kashmiris”. “I want to tell members of VHP that if you are so restless to see us die of starvation then end the illegal occupation of our land and allow us live our lives according our wishes,” he said.

He said that these “hate mongers” are enjoying the political patronage and that is why they are issuing threats to Kashmiri Muslims.

“Here if people protest peacefully for the basic amenities they are booked for unlawful activities but in Jammu some communal forces who threaten Muslims are not being touched,” Bhat said.
He accused PDP of facilitating the entry of communal forces into the kitchens of Kashmiris for power.

Joint secretary of ATAA, Tariq Pampori dared VHP and other organizations to go ahead with their plan. “It is the traders of Jammu who depend on us for their survival. After the economic blockade by the communal forces of Jammu in 2008, the Jammu traders had to beg before us for resuming our business ties with them,” Pampori said.

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