Shape Up or Step Down: NC to Mufti

The National Conference (NC) today asked Chief Minister Mohammad Mufti Sayeed to either deliver on the promises or quit.

Shape Up or Step Down - NC to Mufti“When Mufti sahib says he has been disappointed by the Modi government, one begs to ask the obvious question what stops Mufti sahib from walking out of this coalition? He cannot have the cake and eat it too,” NC spokesman Junaid Mattu said in a statement.

The NC statement came a day after the Chief Minister expressed disappointment over the delay in announcement of a flood rehabilitation package. Mattu said the Chief Minister, who heads the government in coalition with the BJP, should either deliver on the promises that he made during the elections or quit.

“This pretence of victimhood will not help in absolving Mufti sahib and the PDP of their complicity in depriving the flood victims of justice and rehabilitation. The PDP is responsible for their abandonment,” said the party spokesman.

The NC spokesman said the PDP should decide “if it wants to keep lying about allegedly imminent packaged economic packages or wallow in the victimhood of its own deeds”.

“On the one hand, we have PDP leaders lying about looming economic packages and apparent release of tonnes of funds from New Delhi since months and on the other hand, we have the Chief Minister now melodramatically expressing his helplessness,” Mattu said.“If he is helpless, why doesn’t he quit? Why this drama?” he asked.

Mattu alleged that the PDP’s “bargain with the BJP and the RSS has come at a very high cost” and said the state’s special status was “hanging by a thread”.

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