Salute Students’ Courage for protest at KU: Geelani

Salute Students’ Courage for protest at KU- GeelaniHailing the courage exhibited by the students in foiling the Marathon event at the varsity here on Sunday, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said the educational institutions in valley are with the deliberate attempt being used for immoral acts and cultural aggregation by the government.
Training guns against the PDP, BJP coalition, Geelani said the students who protested against the much hyped event at Kashmir University on Sunday proves that the youth here are politically mature enough to understand the difference between the friends and foes. The Hurriyat (G) chairman asserted that the present regime is acting as the mere puppet one to implement the RSS diktats and that the protests against the event by the youth at Kashmir university was worth to hail. “The educational institutions are meant to impart quality education among youth and make them equipped well so that they could humanity with all their capabilities but here India is using even the education centres to implement its nefarious designs,” Geelani said while talking to KNS.
 He added that the parents must keep an eye over the activities of their children and not to allow them to take part in any activity that goes against the moral standards. “They way students from various institutes were coerced to take part in the event at University clarifies that the real purpose of the event was something else and a notion was tried to be given that all is well in Kashmir,” Geelani told KNS.
 “Under a planned conspiracy, the students of the Kashmir University are not being allowed to establish their own union and plans are being made to align them with other institutes of India. The students in Kashmir have a right to raise their voices over any difficulty they face but here their rights are being snatched as being done with the entire population of Kashmir,” Geelani told KNS.
Terming the arrests of the students during Sunday’s protests ‘unjustified’, Geelani pitched for their release at an earliest.
Dubbing national conference a party of opportunist Geelani said national conference leaders issue sentimental statements for political exploitation to further their cause of power and pelf in the state.
Stating that national conference leaders have no sympathy with the cause of Kashmir. Geelani said the party’s only motive is to regain power nothing else.

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