RSS inroads in Valley challenge for Kashmiris: Dr Zafar-ul-Islam

President of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mashawarat, the umbrella body of Muslim organizations in India, Dr Zafar-ul-Islam Khan on Thursday said inroads by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) into the valley is a challenge for Kashmiris and asked people to be cautions of its “nefarious designs and fascist ideology.”
RSS inroads in Valley challenge for Kashmiris - Dr Zafar-ul-Islam“Tougher and challenging times are ahead for Kashmiris and Muslims of India because for the first time RSS is ruling India through its political face BJP and in Kashmir as partner of the government here. Kashmir should be cautious of nefarious designs and fascist ideology of RSS,” Zafar-ul-Islam Khan said in an exclusive interview.
“The fascist ideology of RSS is dangerous as it believes in certain ideas which exclude others. They think that only certain people or particular tradition, religion and culture have the right to rule and flourish and others should vanish and be excluded from public life. This kind of thought wherever it appeared as in Germany during Nazi rule actually devastated that country. I think this kind of politics which BJP and RSS pursue will also be detrimental to India and destroy it to a great extent,” said Khan who is also Editor and Publisher of The Milli Gazette focusing on issues concerning the Muslim community.
During their three day coordination meet recently, the RSS had asked the BJP led Central government and JK government to deal with separatists with iron fist.
Khan also hit out at the JK Government for denying political space for dissent. “The new government in Kashmir is closing all democratic avenues. This is bad and this will force people to pursue violent path. If you can assemble in Delhi and stage protest why not in Kashmir? If people here are allowed this, lot of problems will be solved. Kashmiris must be allowed to speak out, vent their anger and get justice also. If police or army is involved in any sort of violations, they must be properly dealt with according to the law. I am sorry this is not happening,” he said.
“Government wants to create peace and harmony in Kashmir but by its actions it is doing the opposite. At the same time, civil society here should demand that the political rights, human rights and civil rights that are enshrined in our constitution must be available to every citizen in Kashmir.”
On the delay in compensation to flood victims, Khan said, “Indian government lost a golden opportunity to win the hearts of Kashmiris by failing to solve this humanitarian problem.”
“The floods were not a problem of Muslims or Kashmiris, but it is a sheer humanitarian issue. Lakhs of houses were damaged and business sector was ruined in floods in Kashmir. Many people were rendered homeless and still many Kashmiris are living as refugees. Ironically, the Government led by BJP at centre did not show it really cares for people of Kashmir. India gave one billion dollars to Nepal but not to Kashmiris,” he said.
“Kashmiris are Indians at least for now and the current dispensation should not have discriminated with them. Whatever (help) was announced at that time when Mr Modi (Prime Minister) came to Kashmir, has not been implemented. They (Government of India) should make good their promises and help the Kashmiris to stand on their feet again. They should help ordinary Kashmiris and businessmen to give them a feeling that they are also equal citizens and respected here,” he said.

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