Over 1,600 overground workers active in J&K – Police

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have prepared a list of active overground workers of various militant outfits in the state, facilitating militants in one or the other way.

Over 1,600 overground workers active in J&K - PoliceA police report said more than 1,600 overground workers were active in the state and some of them have been booked in criminal cases.

A majority of them have got scot-free but the Police Department and other intelligence agencies are keeping a close eye on their activities.

Though the number of militants has come down in the state, the higher number of overground workers is a cause for concern for the security agencies and the police.

The number of active militants in the state varies from time to time and there is a difference of opinion between intelligence agencies on it. At present, security agencies put the number of active militants in the state between 200 and 300.

The police have laid down rules for identification of the overground workers.

“People who facilitate militants in carrying out attacks and other terror-related activities is considered an overground worker. Those who provide resources to militants or propagate their propaganda also fall in this category,” said SJM Gillani, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kashmir.

Overground workers are active in 18 of the 22 districts of the state. Besides, two districts of the Ladakh region, Jammu and Samba districts are free from overground workers.

As per the police report, the highest number of overground workers are active in Reasi district of the Jammu region, where 210 people have been identified. Reasi is followed by Doda district, where 141 overground workers are active. Kishtwar district stands at number three in the list.

As per the report, not a single militant is active in Reasi and Doda districts while only three militants were active in Kishtwar district in 2014.

In the summer capital Srinagar, there are 104 overground workers while in the Sopore area of Baramulla district, still considered as hotbed of militancy, there are 17 overground workers.

As the police have shortlisted these overground workers from various different districts of the state, action has been taken only against a few.

“Action might not have been taken against every overground worker but whosoever has been found involved in criminal activity has been booked,” the IGP said.

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