Mufti tells minister to work on ground

Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Friday criticized his own Horticulture Minister for not doing enough and asked his ministry to work on ground rather than making speeches in the media.
Inaugurating the state’s first-ever high-density apple orchard launched by a young techno-farmer Khurram Mir, Mufti was furious about the little work done by his minister in the horticulture field and asked him to pull his socks to work for the betterment of farmers.
Mufti tells minister to work on ground“We all must know ground realities are something very different than the claims we make on TV, radio and in newspapers. We must work on ground rather than making speeches in the media,” Mufti said.
He also asked the minister to make an effective advisory committee in horticulture and not that only exists on papers.
“I know how advisory committee works. I want a vibrant committee who can reach to farmers and make them aware about the new techniques of farming,” he said while pointing towards his Minister.
Mufti also castigated the agricultural universities and directed them to come out of their “cocoons” and take test results of their research on ground.

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