Liberal Jammu can’t co-exist with radicalised Kashmir: Hari Om

Describing the developing situation in Kashmir as deplorable, horrible and dangerous for the country, former political advisor to J&K BJP president Prof Hari Om Monday said that the liberal, all-accommodating and nationalist of people of Jammu province can’t have any kind of truck with radicalised Kashmiri leadership and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh to reorganise forthwith J&K State on regional basis.

Liberal Jammu can’t co-exist with radicalised Kashmir - Hari OmJammu province is a shining example of communal amity and social harmony, where more than 1-5 million 1.5 million refugees from Pakistan, PoJK and Kashmir are also leading a dignified and secure life, he said, and added that the peace-loving people of the province are fed up with the kind of regressive and intolerant Kashmiri leadership and they long for a regime that is outside the existing unitary and Kashmir-centric politico-administrative and constitutional structure. “They need a separate dispensation that is within India and under the Indian Constitution, barring Article 370,” he said, adding that what he said is the view of the overwhelming majority of Jammu province. “Hold a referendum in Jammu province and you would find that a very vast majority of population in the region wants separation from the militant and separatist-infested Kashmir,” he asserted.
Commenting on the prevailing situation in the Valley, Prof Hari Om said that the situation as it today exists in the Kashmir Valley has assumed alarming proportions. “An extreme form of bigotry has gripped it. Extremists and fundamentalist forces, besides the parties like PDP, NC, Congress and CPI-M and business community in the Valley have all joined hands to not only hurt the religious feelings of the minority Hindu community by defying the ban on cow-killing and beef eating, but also against India. The manner in which Kashmiri legislators belonging to different parties have submitted private members’ bill seeking de-criminalisation of bovine slaughter and sale and eating of beef has shocked the minority Hindu community. The provocations are grave and Kashmiri leaders representing all interests have been willfully outraging the sensitivities of the Hindu community across the nation,” he said, adding that the situation has climaxed to the point that even Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti have been openly attacking the very foundations of the Indian state by advocating the need to accommodate the Pakistani sinister view on J&K and not taking any action against the anti-nationals.
“The Chief Minister and the PDP president, instead of defending and promoting further the legitimate Indian sovereign interests in J&K, are advocating the cause of theocratic Pakistan and its agents in the Valley. They have failed to discharge their constitutional obligations towards the people of the state and India as a whole,” Prof Hari Om lamented. He added that their policies and statements have only promoted fanaticism and secessionism in the Valley and have convinced the people of the grossly neglected and politically marginalised Jammu and Ladakh that the PDP, like other separatist outfits, has become the Pakistani mouthpiece. He also took an exception to the Chief Minister’s oft-repeated statement that the situation in the Kashmir Valley has improved considerably and asserted that the situation in Kashmir was never so frightening as it has been since March 1, 2015, when he assumed the office of Chief Minister second time.
Prof Hari Om expressed the hope that the Prime Minister and the Home Minister would surely come to the rescue of the people of Jammu region and take definite steps to integrate them fully with the national mainstream. “The separation of liberal Jammu from radicalised Kashmir is a must as the former constitutes the backbone of the nation in the state,” he said, and added that what India needs is strong, stable and fully empowered Jammu in this strategic part of the country to protect the vital national interest.

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