BJP leader demands trifurcation of state

Senior BJP leader Prof Hari Om on Wednesday demanded trifurcation of the state into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and a separate homeland within the Valley for internally displaced persecuted Kashmiri Pandits, saying a four-way split of the state had become absolutely imperative.

BJP leader demands trifurcation of state“Trifurcation of the state and bifurcation of Kashmir is a must to restrict the area of strife to the Kashmir valley and enable people of Jammu and Ladakh and Kashmiri Hindus to shape and control fully their political and economic future within India and under the Indian Constitution, barring the separatist and regressive Article 370,” Prof Hari Om said in a statement issued here today.

“A four-way split of the state will puncture the ongoing secessionist and sectarian movement in the Valley, defeat the Pakistani evil designs and help New Delhi strengthen the nationalist constituency in this sensitive part of the country,” he said. He added that Jammu and Kashmir was an unnatural formation consisting of three disparate regions.

“The division of the state has become all the more necessary considering the dangerous ganging up of all Kashmiri leaders against India and highly hostile attitude of Kashmiri leaders to even petty demands as revival of Dogra certificate and withdrawal of ‘jazia’ that was imposed by the ruling PDP to reduce the number of pilgrims to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi,” said Prof Hari Om.

“The nationalist and grossly ignored and politically marginalised people of Jammu region and Ladakh and the hounded out Kashmiri Pandits do not want to have any kind of truck with the radicalized and pro-Pakistan Kashmiri leadership,” he said.

He said they would get submerged in rising tide of Kashmiri Muslim sub-nationalism and the country would suffer huge losses in case the state was maintained as a single unit.

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