Ways to avoid back pain at office

Long hours at office can result in terrible back ache. Staring at the computer, carrying a purse over the same shoulder, carrying heavy things, driving or just an uncomfortable chair at office are some of the main reasons why one gets a back ache.

Ways to avoid back pain at officeWe suggest you follow these tips to avoid back pain.

– Pull your chair close to the table so that you avoid leaning forward.

– Make sure your keyboard and mouse are at the same level.

– The computer monitor should be directly in front of you. This way you will not lean or have a hunched back.

– Make sure your chair has a backrest and has a lumbar support. Tilt the back of the chair once in a while.

– Use a small pillow while sitting on the office chair or even while driving. Footrest and a portable lumbar back will also help. Make sure your posture is always straight.

– Ensure that you keep your wrist straight and have an armrest at any given point of time.

– Every 30 minutes, make sure you go on a break. A small walk, a toilet break or just climbing stairs for five minutes will help your posture.

– Keep telling yourself to sit straight and don’t bend your neck too much to look down at the keyboard.

– While working, try and breathe from your belly. Tell yourself to draw your navel towards your spine. This can support your upper body.

– Keeping your knees at 90 degrees helps. When the knees are directly over your ankles, then the spine is comfortable.

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