Private practice responsible for high mortality among patients: DAK

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Wednesday said, private practice by government doctors is unethical and is taking heavy toll on poor patients.
Private practice responsible for high mortality among patients - DAKPresident DAK Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan in a statement today said, “Private practice by doctors in tertiary care hospitals is responsible for high mortality among patients.”
During emergency hours when the services of senior doctors are needed most, patients are left to the mercy of trainees thus jeopardizing the lives of critically ill patients, statement said.
Patients in Accident and Emergency departments are seen by students who are at learning stage and majority of patients die either due to misdiagnosis or delayed intervention, statement said, adding, “It is the timely intervention that decides the life and death of a critically sick patient.”
DAK said patients are referred to tertiary care hospitals to receive services of faculty but they end up being seen by students.
“How can a student help a patient with heart attack who comes to tertiary care for emergency angioplasty but instead receives dispensary treatment due to non availability of senior doctors and these patients either die or remain morbid for rest of their lives?,” DAK said.
There is no provision of private practice in teaching hospitals where doctors have to be full time available as they have a huge responsibility of teaching and research besides patient care, DAK said, adding, “If a doctor entertains huge number of patients in morning and evening at his/her private clinic what justice can he/she can he/she do with the patients at hospitals.”
Patients have to “wait for ages” for procedures and surgeries as doctors are busy in private practice and they are forced to go to private clinics.
The rulers of health care should draw a red line for doctors by asking them to choose one sector- either private practice or government job.  (CNS)

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