Geelani praises Sharif for his pro-Kashmir statement

‘Appeals Pak rulers to be consistent, firm on recent stand’
Geelani praises Sharif for his pro-Kashmir statementTerming the statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif after the cancellation of NSA level talks as very encouraging in which he had termed the Kashmiris as basic party instead of third party to the Kashmir dispute, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday showered praises on him.
Appealing the Government of Pakistan to maintain the consistency and firmness over their recently adopted stand regarding Kashmir, Geelani said the case of the Kashmiri nation is very strong and if Pakistan continues to pursue this case strongly in future, it will be impossible for India to continue its rigid stand over this issue and they will have to accept the ground reality.
In a statement Geelani said cancellation of the National Security Advisers-level talks have proven as ‘Blessing in Disguise’ for us and this time the whole world has come to know that Kashmir is not any Siachin and Sir Creek-like border dispute between India and Pakistan but it is an issue of the future of 13 million people living in this region and they too have their wishes and aspirations which are yet to be fulfilled due to the ‘rigid and stubborn’ approach of India.
Geelani also appealed the world bodies including America to accept this reality that the Kashmir issue can’t be settled through Indo-Pak two party level talks. He said there have been 150 rounds of talks between Indian and Pakistan during last 68 years but non inclusion of Kashmiris into these dialogues and not addressing their inner have proved these talks meaningless and fruitless and they have not progressed an inch towards the resolution of this long pending dispute.
Commenting over the Tashkant and Shimla agreements, Hurriyat (G) Chairman said these agreements completely failed in resolving the Kashmir problem because these were two party level agreements and Kashmiris were not consulted in these accords.
Geelani said Kashmir issue can’t be solved through any shortcut. The simple and transparent solution to the Kashmir dispute is that the people of this region should be given their chance to decide their future and their decision should be respected.
Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said India is claiming to be the largest democracy in the world so India should address the Kashmir issue through democratic ways instead of using military might. He said if referendum can be held in East Timor, East Sudan and Scotland why not in Kashmir.
“This process is a simple, practical and an ideal solution for the Kashmir dispute too that UN resolutions should be implemented in this region and the promises made with the people should be fulfilled,” Geelani said
Geelani thanked the Pakistan government, Army and the people of Pakistan for showing united face on Kashmir issue and for taking bold decisions in this regard. “It has generated a new hope among the Kashmiris and has added new life to their resolve for separation from India,” Geelani added.

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