Congress asks BJP to show notification over AIIMS in Jammu

The state unit of the Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP of failing the people of Jammu region and asked the party to show the appropriate notification for a separate AIIMS in Jammu.

Congress asks BJP to show notification over AIIMS in Jammu“We question the BJP leadership for the failure of the central government to issue appropriate notification for separate AIIMS in Jammu till date, as required under the AIIMS Act,” party chief spokesman Ravinder Sharma said in a statement here today.

While reacting to the repeated claims by the BJP leadership that the demand of the people of Jammu has been accepted following widespread protests and struggle, Congress asked why the necessary notification has not yet been issued in this regard, so far, as assured, which is mandatory.

“It is unfortunate that Prime Minister could announce a package of over 1.25 lakh crore for Bihar in addition to a second AIIMS to that state, keeping an eye on the Assembly elections there but a simple notification could not be issued for AIIMS in Jammu, where the electorate gave BJP 25 seats,” he said.

Sharma said that people of Jammu region can’t be hoodwinked by mere statements and big hoardings and would not rest, until the proper notification is issued in this regard, as per law.

He warned the BJP leadership against playing with the rights and sentiments of people and cautioned the people about the ploys being used by the frustrated BJP leadership to divert their attention and hoodwink the people.

The people in general who jointly launched the struggle under the banner of AIIMS Coordination Committee led by Bar Association Jammu deserve all appreciation for their peaceful struggle, forcing the state and central government to bend on their knees, Sharma said.

“Even written commitments were not fulfilled forcing people to intensify the struggle resulting into a vague letter for identification of land, followed by some statements in the media,” he said.

He said that the written commitment for appropriate orders, which in the case means a proper notification as per Act, is awaited and the delay on this count, was a matter of concern and unrest amongst the people, who are determined to take the movement to the logical end.


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