‘Centre, state govts indulging in polarising politics in J&K’

Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) on Wednesday accused both the Central and state governments of “indulging in polarising politics in J&K which is posing a threat to the integrity of the state.”

'Centre, state govts indulging in polarising politics in J&K'“Both the state as well as the Centre are indulging in polarising politics in the state which is posing a threat to integrity of the state. Congress party is concerned for the welfare and development of the state and its people. Being the only unifying force, Congress would fight and defeat those forces who are hell bent on dividing people on region or religion lines,” JKPCC chief Ghulam Ahmad Mir said.

“(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi-led government at the Centre is mishandling Jammu and Kashmir situation which has posed a great threat to the security and integrity of the state,” he added.

Mir was addressing a day-long convention of party workers in south Kashmir’s Kulgam town.

Accusing the Centre of failing to address urges and aspiration of the people, Mir said Modi is directly responsible for the present “mess, chaos and vitiated atmosphere” in the state.

Describing the present atmosphere in J-K as most unfortunate and disturbing, JKPCC chief cautioned the people against the dangerous politics of exploitation aiming to disturb the socio-economic set up and secular fabric of the state.

“Congress party will not allow anyone to play with the sentiments of people by communalising the situation. The approach of Modi-led government towards the state is full of contradictions,” he said.

Mir said the state has been pushed on the path of mistrust and destruction and called upon Congress party cadre and other secular forces to defeat such designs and work for strengthening brotherhood and the unity and integrity of the state.

He said Congress party would work on bringing the people out of the “mess” created due to wrong policies of the centre and state governments.


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