‘Attempts being made to impose vedic culture on Muslims’

Charging that efforts were being made to impose Hindu culture on other religions through introduction of yoga in schools, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has sought support of other community leaders to launch a campaign against such attempts.

‘Attempts being made to impose vedic culture on Muslims’The Board would decide its strategy in its convention to be held in Bhopal tomorrow.

Working general secretary of AIMPLB Maulana Wali Rahmani charged that as part of a conspiracy an effort was being made to “imprint Hindu culture in the mindset of children of other religions, including Muslims”.

He alleged that this was being done by making yoga mandatory in schools.

Rahmani said AIMPLB would launch “Deen aur Dastoor Bachao Tahreek” against this attempt to force “vedic culture” in which religious leaders and followers of different religions, including Hindu, Sikh and Christian, would be associated.

“We believe that by associating leaders of different religious this campaign will become successful. Special deliberation will be made on this issue at the AIMPLB meeting tomorrow,” he told PTI. Charging that Brahmin religion was being implemented on new generation, he said, this is a threat to both ‘Deen-e-Islam’ and the Constitution.

“Under Article 28 of the Constitution any religion and its tradition could not be forced on others,” he said.

Rehmani said that the board was of the clear view that every person should follow his religion strongly, but it should not be forced on others.

He said Imams of different mosques, madrassas, teachers, students and those who agree with the objections and apprehensions of the board have been invited in the convention.

Earlier the AIMPLB had accused the NDA government of violating the Constitution and implementing the RSS agenda by introducing practices such as yoga.

Reaching out directly to Muslim organisations and Imams, the apex body representing Muslims in the country, had said that the community should remain “cautious” as there are organisations that are “attacking” Islamic beliefs.

The AIMPLB had slammed the government’s move to push for yoga, saying it’s a violation of the Constitution, which does not allow promotion of religious activities by the government.

“In the present scenario, the government and under its garb several organisations and individuals are today violating the Constitution,” Maulana Wali Rehmani, the working general secretary of the AIMPLB, had said in a letter sent to various Muslim bodies and individuals. He had alleged that the celebration of ‘Yoga Day’ and introduction of ‘Surya namaskar’ and Vande Matram in the schools were aimed at implementing the RSS agenda.

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