14 uses of microwave no one told you

If you have been using your microwave only for heating food, you probably don’t know the multitude of uses it can be put into.

14 uses of microwave no one told youSo before buying a new gadget for your kitchen, make sure you are making the optimum use of your microwave which alone can do the work of a number of expensive kitchen appliances.

– The freshness of cereals and crackers can be restored by heating them in full power for 30 seconds.

– Stale bread can be made soft and fresh again in the microwave by wrapping the bread slices with a damp kitchen towel and heating them in full power for 10-15 seconds.

– You can quickly boil the potatoes by putting them in a poly bag, sprinkling some water over them and then running them in the microwave on full power for 5-6 minutes.

– Chop off the top and bottom of onions, microwave them for 30 seconds and then peel them without shedding a single tear! And no, it does not impact their taste.

– It becomes very easy to peel garlic if you microwave it for a few seconds as the skin comes off very easily.

– You can toast nuts and almonds faster in the microwave, rather than doing the conventional way which is time consuming. Spread the nuts on a microwaveable plate, set the heat on high, and let it sit for 1 minute, stir and microwave again. Repeat this process for 4-5 minutes or till done.

– If honey or jam has crystallized, just remove the lid, place the jar in the microwave, and heat for two minutes.

– You can make clarified butter or ghee in microwave in an effortless and fuss free manner. Beat the cream in a blender. Pour it in a microwave safe glass bowl (don’t use plastic even if it is microwave safe) and heat on high for 10 to 15 minutes or till the ghee separates. But be very careful as making ghee involves very high temperatures and there is always a danger of spilling over, burning and scalding.

– Place the herbs on a paper towel and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. Your dried herbs are ready. You can also use your microwave to dry soggy foods.

– If you feel your cereals or spices are getting spoilt, just microwave them for 1-2 minutes and all lurking bugs will say goodbye.

– Microwave lemon for 20 seconds and you will be able to extract more juice.

– You can melt chocolate/jiggery/butter /cheese easily by heating them for 2 minutes.

– To get foamy milk for hot beverages, pour fresh milk about halfway in a jar. Close its lid and shake the milk until it becomes frothy. Remove the lid, place the jar in the microwave, and heat it high for 30 seconds. Pour it over your ht drink!

– It becomes easier to peel fruits like tomatoes, apricots and prunes if you microwave them for 1-2 minutes.

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