‘Naya Kashmir’ is ‘Udta Kashmir’: JK Congress hits out at BJP

'Naya Kashmir’ is ‘Udta Kashmir’: JK Congress hits out at BJP

Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Spokesperson Advocate Pushkar Nath today in a press conference at the party headquarters in Jammu came down heavily on ruling BJP for its “abject failure” in governing J-K.

In a press statement, Advocate Deepika said, “BJP right after their unilateral decisions which not only abrogated Article-370 but also dismembered the erstwhile state into two new Union Territories has been running a rhetorical propaganda of an unfounded development in Jammu and Kashmir.”

The statement further added: “Their repeated attempts of obfuscation however are exposed through their own admissions from time to time, repeated attacks on civilians, a crisis prevalent among job seekers and an astounding increase in cases of drug abuse is a self explanatory report card of its failures. The Naya Kashmir they have been talking about across India is actually Udta Kashmir which has a scary number of drug abusers in it where drugs are easily available.”

The Advocate said that “these aren’t some fairytale claims made just to score a political brownie point, I’m making these claims on the basis of a recent study done by the Government Medical College’s Psychiatry department which has revealed that Kashmir now has surpassed Punjab in drug abuse cases and is currently at the number two position among the top drug abuser states in the country”.

It has also been observed that over 33 thousand syringes are used to inject heroin by drug abusers in the Valley on a daily basis. Heroin is among the most common drugs used by these abusers. The study shows 90 percent of drug abusers are using heroin while the rest are using cocaine, brown sugar, and marijuana, it added.

“One fails to understand when drug abuse is so rampant and when J-K Police reports that these drugs are ferried from across the border how does selling the sugar-coated poison pill of ‘Naya Kashmir’ actually benefit us,” it read.

The statement further added that this is a living proof that BJP and its LG in Jammu and Kashmir are involved in “conducting experiments while completely ignoring the turbulent state of affairs we are in”.

“Before rectifying their misadventures BJP leadership should apologise to the country and the people of Jammu and Kashmir in particular for misleading us,” it added.

The JKPCC spokesperson further demanded the LG administration to adopt a robust and scientific approach in dealing with these cases. She also sought state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers for the treatment of those who have fallen prey to this disease.

“Jammu and Kashmir has recently been in the news for an astounding increase in cases of drug abuse which was reported widely by the newspapers,” the statement read.

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