WhatsApp Without Internet: WhatsApp testing new prototype that will allow sending and receiving messages without internet

WhatsApp Without Internet: WhatsApp testing new prototype that will allow sending and receiving messages without internet

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to link their account to a second device and continue sending and receiving messages without having to connect it to the primary smartphone over the Internet.
This new feature came into force for users of the WhatsApp application, after activating the latest updates of the application on phones running “iOS” or “Android”, according to the “GSM Arena” website.
Previously, the user had to ensure that their primary smartphone was still connected to the Internet before any conversations could be carried out on the computers connected to the primary device.
In order to turn on this feature, which is still in the beta phase, all devices will be unlinked before re-linking to the primary device again. Once activated, the user will be able to chat, regardless of whether your main smartphone is connected to the Internet or not.
Linked devices will continue to receive and send messages for up to 14 days after the main smartphone connection has been disconnected.
The feature is useful if the user loses their smartphone and needs to keep in touch with people via the app, or if your smartphone battery is dead but you are near a connected computer.
There will be restrictions for users of “iOS” devices. They cannot delete messages and conversations from the second device.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet

How to use WhatsApp without internet, Whatsapp without internet on android, Whatsapp without internet in iOS: So as we all think that we can’t send messages on WhatsApp if we don’t have an internet connection. You are wrong because previously we were not knowing about this feature of WhatsApp. But now we can send messages on Whatsapp without an internet connection. This feature was on WhatsApp for a year, but we were not having any idea about this thing. In the latest update, Whatsapp enabled how to send messages on WhatsApp iOS without having an internet connection. And this is easy. This is great for users who are living in remote areas or during traveling also sometimes we don’t get any network connection. So they can send messages on WhatsApp without an internet connection in both android and iOS. But this doesn’t mean that WhatsApp is free. You have to pay your internet bills regularly. So go through our article How to use WhatsApp without the internet and enjoy using WhatsApp without an internet connection.

First of all, you need to update your WhatsApp iOS to the latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1. Now, this allows sending the message to any contact in your list without having an internet connection. Previously if anyone was trying to send messages without having an internet connection the message cannot be sent unless the internet is back on the phone. The send button would be disabled when the device doesn’t have a strong connection. But now your messages will be queued to chat and will automatically be sent when it will get an internet connection. This feature was available on Android for more than a year, but iOS users are only getting it now. Also, you will be getting an option to send 30 photos or videos at a time if you update your WhatsApp, according to the app’s changelog on iTunes.

In addition to this iPhone users need to free up their phone storage by deleting some videos, GIF, images, etc. which are not important to them as they have only a limited storage capacity. To do this they can go to mobile Settings -> Data and storage usages ->Storage usages and then select the files type they want to delete and then tap on clear. This is necessary for iPhone users as they have limited storage and especially for 16 GB models. Apple iPhone users running iOS 7 or higher can instantly update or download the updated version of WhatsApp from the app store from iTunes.

ChatSim is just like a normal sim card you are using in your mobile phones which are manufactured in Milan, Italy. By inserting this ChatSim in your mobile phone you can make the call and communicate with your friends and can use Whatsapp without having an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp you can also use other messaging apps like Hike, BBM, WeChat, and much more.

Steps To Send Whatsapp Message Without Internet

  • First, you need to purchase Chatsim for one Year which costs 950 Rs
  • After that, you need to activate Chatsim with a number
  • Enter the 20-digit verification number on the sim card
  • Once your sim is activated then you can send text messages
  • This will also work for media and voice calling

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