Antibiotics showing resistance against bugs: Doctors Association Kashmir

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has claimed that hospitals have turned into breeding grounds for resistant microbes endangering the safety of patients

In a statement, DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan claimed that SMHS hospital is harboring bugs like Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas, Klebseilla and Escherichia coli which are resistant to all antibiotics.

“Even last-resort antibiotics like carbapenems and colistin do not work against these deadly microbes,” he said in the statement.

Giving details based on 2017-18 Antibiogram of SKIMS hospital, he claimed that more than 80% of bacteria isolated from intensive care units were resistant to imipenem which is the last-line antibiotic.

“The most common isolates were gram negative microbes and they were found to have 100% resistance to ceftriaxone, another high-end antibiotic,” he said

“An increasing trend over the years in the antibiotic-resistant strains was observed in a prospective study at SKIMS,” he added.

Dr Nisar claimed that the bugs aren’t limited to hospitals but are out in the community and even healthy person can be infected.

“In hospitals patients are given antibiotics without appropriate testing to match their bacterial infection,” Dr Nisar said adding that inappropriate and irrational use of antibiotics has helped the microbes to evolve into resistant strains.

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