India could lose Kashmir in next 10 years, warns former interlocutor Radha Kumar

A former interlocutor on Jammu and Kashmir Monday warned that India could lose Kashmir in the next decade if serious efforts were not made to resolve the lingering dispute.

Radha Kumar said that the situation in Kashmir has progressively deteriorated.

“It hasn’t been as bad as this in a long time,” she said at the opening session – ‘Kashmir Today: Towards an Indian Future?’ during the second day of Times LitFest on Sunday. “The government doesn’t seem to be working, and little of the common minimum program has been implemented.”

The only time there has been any forward movement in Kashmir, she said, is when both Pakistan and the Kashmiris have been involved in negotiations.

“This was the case when General Musharraf was in office in Pakistan. There were civil society discussions between Indian and Kashmiris, through the back channel, and this put pressure on Gen. Musharraf,” said Kumar.

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