Jammu sizzling in heat wave, cold summer for Kashmir Valley

As the Jammu division is facing a heat wave, the Valley is coping with a cold summer and storms.

The mercury in the Jammu region has crossed 40°C and is expected to rise further. The heat wave is expected to intensify next week in parts of Jammu, Kathua, Samba and Udhampur districts, according to the Srinagar meteorological centre, which monitors the weather across the state.

Director of the meteorological centre Sonam Lotus said dry and hot weather was likely to continue throughout the state for the next one week and the monsoon was likely to be delayed by at least a week.

Jammu city is also witnessing sweltering heat as the day temperature has recorded a sharp increase. The maximum temperature recorded in the city on Thursday was 40.2°C, which was three degrees above normal. The maximum temperature next week in the city is expected to reach 44°C. June is the hottest month in Jammu city with the maximum temperature averaging 38.7°C.

On the contrary, the Kashmir valley is struggling with a cold summer and frequent storms, which usually occur in the afternoon and lead to a sharp decrease in the day temperature. The maximum temperature in Srinagar has mainly remained below average this month.

The maximum temperature recorded in Srinagar on Thursday was 28.7°C, which was two degrees below average, while the minimum temperature was 11.9°C, five degrees below average.

Some remote and mountainous parts of Kashmir received a rare snowfall in the second week of this month while afternoon spells of rain and hailstorm have become dominant weather features.

Experts blame the cold summer in Kashmir on the heavy snowfall during the winter and the continued accumulation of snow over mountains. “A large area is covered under snow and it is not letting the temperature rise in the region. There is a general cooling effect over the area,” said Shakil Romshoo, head of the department of Earth sciences at the University of Kashmir.

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