JKPM chairman Shah Faseal announces ‘War’ against BJP-RSS

  • ‘Won’t allow any assault, dilution of JK’s special status’
  • Democracy another name of exploitative politics in JK
  • NIA, CBI used to muzzle our voice, jail leaders

Former IAS officer and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) chairman Shah Faseal Sunday announced start of war against Bhartiyia Janta Party and Rashtiryia Swayamsevak Sang (RSS) who according to him have launched assault on special status of the State.

While addressing a workers rally at Block complex at Bandipora, Faesal said people in Kashmir are caught in different types of wars and “we are here to counter such wars with full strength”.
“I alongwith the people will fight the political and economic wars imposed on us. We are facing political and economic wars along with the exploitation from last many decades and we will counter all such wars with the help of the people,” he said.

Faesal announced that they would be launching a “war” against BJP and RSS. “We will not allow any assault or dilution of State’s special status. We will fight them back.”
“I am announcing war against all such efforts that will lead to dilution of the State’s special status. We will not allow them to touch the special status,” he said.

Castigating the traditional exploitative ways of politics, Faseal said people are victims of exploitative politics.
“From last seventy years our votes are being used to exploit us,” he said, adding “The political space has been squeezed and we are not being allowed to move freely on the roads in our land”.

Expressing concern over daily humiliation meted out to people on the roads, Faesal said, “It is the serious issue. People are being hounded and humiliated like animals on roads”.

Questioning the spirit of democrats, he said, “Democracy is another name of exploitative politics in our state. We have no rights, no freedom and even we are not allowed to walk freely.”
“If there is the democracy here, then they should give us the democratic rights? We have the right to walk freely, express freely and speak and publish papers freely. The political leaders who disagree with government have right to do politics under the democratic rights,” Faseal said.

He said instead of providing democratic rights of people, they dispatched NIA and CBI to “muzzle our voice and packed our leaders in jails.” “Raids and inquiries by NIA and CBI are part of the sinister game plan to humiliate Kashmiris and curb the voices of dissent”

Faesal also expressed his anguish over ill-treatment of political prisoners in jails outside the state.
“There are reports from various jails that political prisoners of Kashmir are being ill-treated. Time has come when all these political prisoners should be released so that a conducive atmosphere for dialogue could be made”, he said.

Faseal said JKPM is not any political party but a part of larger movement.
“We are powerless people with no money and might but we have chosen the track with the courage and hope of change in hand,” he said.

Faesal promised to end corruption if his party was voted to power.
JKPM patron Javed Mustafa Mir, Shehla Rashid and others also spoke on the occasion.

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