Militants and their sympathizers​ will be deal sternly: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that his government’s “tough stance” against militancy is “giving sleepless nights” to the Congress and local parties in Jammu and Kashmir, including the PDP and NC.

Starting his political campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with a rally in Dummi area of Akhnoor tehsil in Jammu district, Modi held the Congress, NC and PDP responsible for the “present mess” in J&K, saying these parties have “always played politics which has benefited Pakistan and its sympathisers in the country”.

“This is the result of their (NC, Congress, PDP) togetherness and opportunism that people of J&K in particular and the country in general are facing a lot of difficulties and are losing their loved ones. They are responsible for the spread of militancy in the state,” he said, addressing the public rally.

Modi said that for the Congress and its allies, “chairs, aspirations of families and dynastic rule have mattered most”.
“These parties can compromise with the image and security of the country for their vested interests,” he said.

Modi said it has “remained the attitude of the Congress and its policy-makers that they have always boosted the morale of the sympathisers of militants and owing to this, the entire country is suffering. They are the people who never respected our decision-making”.
“They cannot take major decisions themselves. They are basically dead people. But I assure each and every citizen of the state that with whatever the intention these people will try to stop me, this ‘chowkidaar’ will also remain firm on his commitment to fight the enemies of the nation across the border and within the country,” the Prime Minister said.

He said that in the opposition to his “campaign of teaching a lesson to the enemies”, the Congress people “are frustrated to the extent that they are even using bad language for India which is not tolerable to any citizen of the country”.
“Do you think this language is acceptable to any country? I think even an illiterate living in a far-off village will not tolerate this language,” Modi said.

He said: “Sometimes, I wonder if it is the same Congress of which Sardar Patel—who fought for the integration and sovereignty of the country—was associated with. Is it the same Congress of which Netaji Subash Chander Bose was a part and later created ‘azaad hind fauj’?”
“My conscience says no, it is not that Congress. What do you say? Can you imagine that in an attempt to oppose BJP and its policies, the Congress leaders have forgotten the national interests? This is the time when the entire country is speaking one language while the Congress and its allies are harping on another raga,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that after the Indian air strikes in Balakote across the Line of Control, the Congress leaders, “one after the other, are using the language which no citizen of the country will tolerate”.

Modi asked the crowd: “Are you happy with the language of Congress, NC and PDP? Their language gets claps from people of Pakistan”.
“If you will watch Pakistani channels or their social media, you will see that the militants and their handlers are praying that this ‘chowkidaar’ should not come to the power whatever happens and the Delhi throne should go to this ‘mahamilativi gatthbandhan’ (heavily contaminated alliance)”.
“Are you happy with this?” Modi asked the people and said: “They are openly giving clean chit to the militants and Pakistan through our media channels. And, when the masters of Congress are like this, how should we perceive the party’s pupils and its allies”.

Without naming anyone, Modi said: “Whatever happened two to three days back was more embarrassing. A leader of National Conference used ‘filth’ and the country watched it. The country is also watching how the Congress has entered into an alliance with these people in Jammu”.

Modi asked the Congress and other J&K parties “what problem they have in saying ‘bharat mata ki jai’.”
“Are they (Congress, NC and PDP) endorsing those who are breeding militants?” Modi asked the crowd.

He said around two-and-a-half decades back, he waved the tricolor at Lal Chowk in Srinagar and “whatever I said over there, my stand is still the same today”.
“For the lust of power”, Modi said, “I will not change my stance ever”.
“Supporters of militants, whether across the border or within the country, should note down that if someone dares to hurt the security of the country, it will cost them dearly”.

Without naming anyone, Modi praised security agencies for “grilling the separatists” and “investigating their and their organisations’ links with people who promote militancy in J&K”.
He said his government is imposing ban on such organisations and “this has troubled the Congress, NC and PDP leadership to the extent that they’re going through the sleepless nights”.

Modi told the crowd: “If you trust your chowkidaar, then write it down that this ‘mahamilavati gatthbandhan’ will fall in a big way”.
Modi said he acknowledges the problems being faced by the people living along the LoC and close to International Border (IB) in Jammu and Kashmir.
“I know that people living close to the LoC and IB are facing a lot of difficulties due to the frustration of Pakistan. The Pakistani army has been targeting our innocent civilians for long, but I assure you that it will not go on in the same manner for a long time,” he said, adding, “Our army is giving them befitting reply for their mistakes and they cannot withstand our army for a longer period”.

“Do you think they can?” Modi asked the crowd, which replied “no.”
“On the one hand, we’ve a strong army to fight them and on the other, we’ve a strong government that is taking every step to ensure that its civilians don’t suffer, and remain secure. Our government has been constructing around 20000 bunkers along the LoC and IB in J&K. We will never let them succeed in their nefarious designs”.
The Prime Minister said he knows no loss of life can be equated with compensation but “our government has also raised the ex-gratia five times for the soldiers who are killed in the line of duty”.
He said in his support against violence, he is getting massive support from the people of Jammu in particular and state in general.
“I have a long history of remaining associated with Dogras. They’re very brave people and our government has been giving them every possible opportunity to serve the forces. We’ve been getting massive support from the youth and women of the state in curbing the Pakistan-sponsored militancy. In our government, we’ve engaged over 20000 youth in the belt forces,” the PM added.

Starts Speech In Dogri Language
The Prime Minister started his speech in Dogri language.
“Main Bada Paaga’n Aala Aen Ke Migi Ajj Dobara Mauka Lagya Ke Main Maa Vaishno Devi De Charna Vich Mattha Tek Sakya…Main Bawa Jitto Gi Bhi Chukiye Pranaam Karna. Veer Dogro’n Ki Dharti Ko Aapke Is Chowkidaar Ka Prnaam. Mitthi Ye Dogre’n Di Boli Te Khand Mitthe Log Dogre.”

The speech literally translates in English as: “I am fortunate enough that I have got another chance to pay obeisance at Mata Vaishno Devi here. I also pay my respect to Bawa Jitto by bowing down to him. This chowkidaar salutes the brave land of Dogras. Sweet are the people of Jammu like the language of the region”.

Starting his speech with ‘bharat mata ki jai’, PM greeted all prominent BJP leaders of the state, including the party’s state president, Ravinder Raina, MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, MoS in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh and others.
While mentioning the names of Kavinder Gupta and Nirmal Singh in his speech, the PM addressed them as former chief ministers of the State.
His short videos wherein he is heard addressing the former deputy chief ministers of the state as chief ministers were shared on social networking sites.

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