Pheran Ban creates buzz on Social Media

A day after Kashmir Post reported on the ban on the traditional Kashmiri attire Pheran, the social media has been abuzz with numerous politicians, social activists, journalists and commoners expressing their dismay on the ban order while a miniscule number supporting the ban.
The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National conference Vice President Omar Abdullah while urging the School Education Department to withdraw its order asking officials to refrain from wearing the Pheran said, “I fail to understand why pherans should be banned!”
“This is a regressive order that makes no sense at all. Pherans are a very practical way of keeping warm during the cold winter aside from being part of our identity. This order should be withdrawn,” Omar wrote on Twitter.
He added: “My father & I have worn pherans to official functions many times over the years & will continue to do so, silly government orders notwithstanding.”
Following Omar’s tweet the social media went abuzz with senior journalist Sankarshan Thakur writing, “And intrinsic to Kashmiri life in more ways than just one. Ludicrous someone should think of banning such a wonderful and versatile garment ‘Pheran’.”
NC leader and former lawmaker Altaf Kaloo wrote, “Nobody on earth can dictate us for not wearing Pheran…. will continue with this.”
Reacting to the ban, senior Kashmir based journalist Yusuf Jameel while sharing the photographs of various motifs of Pheran wrote, “The officer who has sought to ban wearing of pheran in office appears to be suffering from ‘hum angrezon ke zamane ke sahab hain’ syndrome. Get a life! We do take pride in our culture, customs, traditions and living styles. Entirely. Love Pheran.”
Congress leader Salman Nizami while sharing a photograph of him wearing a Pheran wrote, “Pharan is our cultural identity. What’s the governor’s agenda? Its just a cloth which keeps us warm in winters. By banning pharans what’s the govt trying to prove? They will get another egg on their face! Revoke this order.”
Right wing Bharatiya Janata Party ally Peoples Conference leader and Mayor Srinagar Municipal Commission Junaid Azim Mattu supported the ban.
“Every workplace has the right to have a reasonably non-invasive general dress code. Nobody has declared a war on Pherans. Most workplaces ban denims. Relax. There are far more pressing issues that deserve our outrage and attention. There is no “cultural invasion”. Let’s move on,” he wrote on Twitter.

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