Killers of policemen called terrorists in Kashmir, eulogised as heroes in UP: Omar Abdullah

Reacting to the mob frenzy and killing of a policeman in Bulandshahr, former chief minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday said the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh eluogises the killers of policemen as heroes while in Kashmir they were dubbed “terrorists”.
“In Kashmir people who kill cops & snatch weapons are called terrorists. In UP the ruling party will fete & eulogize these killers as heroes,” tweeted Omar while re-posting an NDTV story which detailed the killing of Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh by a mob protesting over alleged cow slaughter.
A three-minute mobile phone video revealed new details about the killing of a policeman with a wild, surging mob running down the street, chanting “maaro, maaro (attack)” and a policeman is seen motionless in a field.
The mob was allegedly led by Yogesh Raj, an activist of the rightwing Bajrang Dal, who had complained to the police about cow slaughter after carcasses were found scattered in a forest, NDTV reported.

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