GoI facing powerful people’s movement in Kashmir: Syed Ali Geelani

Claiming that India was facing a powerful people’s political movement for the right to self-determination in Kashmir, Chairman of his own faction of Hurriyat, Syed Ali Geelani, in a press release issued here, said that the ‘suppression and repression’ in Jammu and Kashmir had failed to yield anything for India.

Geelani was addressing, telephonically, the mourners of the Adnan Ahmad Lone of Bandna, the press release said adding that the leader hailed the sacrifices of people, particularly youth, and stressed that ‘when more than 6 lakh people had been martyred and economy worth trillions is lost with the lakhs of injured, the Indian brutality and repression, through their local conduits, seemed to have no end’.

Hurriyat chairman said that India was ‘suffering from the arrogance of power’ and has tried its best to ‘muzzle our voice’ while no power on earth particularly the ‘Indian might, its brutality can ever deter us from our much-cherished goal of right to self-determination’.

Reiterating its appeal for boycott, Hurriyat chairman said that participation in an election sponsored by Indian amounted to treason and ‘betrayal with martyr’s blood’. “We believe, any election process, India tries to conduct, is nothing but an armed drill to threaten the common people thereby strengthening its illegal control in the occupied land, but we are indebted by the sacrifices of our nation never to even think of any compromise and we pledge to take this sacred movement to its logical conclusion,” he added.

Stressing upon people in general and youth in particular, the Hurriyat chairman said that there was a need to strengthen faith and as a nation people needed to be optimistic in order to get rid of the ‘occupation’.

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