Vulgarity being dished by FM channels for infotainment

Even though the introduction of FM radio channels have brought a variety of options of songs for listeners to entertain themselves, at the same time majority of people are complaining about the “vulgarity” being dashed out in the name of infotainment.
Many listeners alleged that the FM stations have become a platform where young boys and girls declare their love, exchange vulgar pleasantries, and dedicate songs to their “soul-mates” without any consideration for social, cultural or religious ethos that runs deep in Kashmir region.
Currently, there are three prominent private radio channels that include 92.7 Big FM, 93.5 Red FM and Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM playing in the Valley.
Ishfaq Ahmad, a government employee, who on occasions tunes to these channels while driving home from work, alleged that the programmes aired on these stations were “disgraceful”.
“I understand that with times, there is a change in our thought process but entertainment doesn’t mean that one should throw the values of our social and cultural ethos into a dustbin,” Ahmad said.
Lack of Kashmiri songs too has not gone down well with the audience.
People complain that the FM stations have become the quintessential ‘Bollywood Masala’ channel.
On September 2016, in order to monitor violation of programme and advertisement codes under the Cable Television Networks Regulation (CTNR) Act, 1995 by private satellite television channels, AIR broadcast code by private FM channels and community radio station, the government accorded sanction to the re-constitution of Content Monitoring Committees at the State and district levels.
The committee was meant to bring to the notice of the State and Government of India any programmes affecting public order or causing resentment in any community.
Chairman Karwani Islami Jammu and Kashmir, Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami said they would approach the broadcasters to stop airing such programmes in the name of entertainment.
“To be honest, I am surprised that such things are going on in our society. Our organisation will take cognisance of the matter,” Hami said.
Condemning such programmes, Deputy Grand Mufti, Mufti Nasrul Islam said immorality cannot be called entertainment.
Mufti said it was the same ploy that Israel had adopted against Palestine where they engage Palestinian youth in pornography in the name of entertainment to divert their attention from the real issues.
“Being a Mufti, I am also a culprit that under my nose such immoral activities are taking place. I have failed. I accept it,” Mufti said.
General Secretary Jamiat Ahlihadith, Dr Abdul Lateef Alkindi said there should be a watchdog which could actually monitor such programmes.
“I don’t listen to such stations so I am not aware about what are they upto in the entertainment. I will definitely inquire about it,” Alkindi said.
‘Ameer’ of Jama’at Islami (JeI) Jammu Kashmir, Abdul Hameed Fayaz also expressed his disappointment at airing such programmes on radio stations.

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