‘Final resolution to Kashmir Issue’ Bollywood has a proposal

Even as several Bollywood movies dealing with the political issues surrounding the Valley have been made in the past, makers of an upcoming film on Monday said they would provide the “final resolution” to the Kashmir problem.
Shot extensively in Kashmir, director of ‘Kashmir: The Final Resolution’ Yuvraj Kumar said the movie “revisits” Kashmir’s history and would also attempt to “solve the problem”.

“The story revolves around a Kashmiri Pandit family that has migrated to Canada. The main lead of the film, who is a Kashmir Pandit, travels to Srinagar to attend her best friend’s wedding. Later, she gets caught in curfew and then a discussion starts. The families make a plan and brainstorm Kashmir resolution…. The film revisits Kashmir’s history. Best minds come together and solve the problem,” said the director at the release of the film teaser here.

When asked what sort of resolution the film offered, he said it would be revealed in the movie. “We talked to different stakeholders in the state, ranging from the police, Army and professors. We cannot reveal everything. You have to watch the film to see the resolution,” he said.

Actress Rippy Koul said she was glad to be part of the project and wished to see the return of the Hindu-Muslim bonhomie and peace in the Valley.

“I flew from the US for the film. I am a Pandit and had heard stories (of pre-militancy era) from the elders….There was brotherhood and now it is difficult to imagine that this had happened. I am happy to be part of the project. People will know after watching the film what Kashmir is really about. We want peace and brotherhood to return,” she said.

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