Governor rule to continue: Ram Madhav

Contrary to the claims of local leaders, Ram Madhav, national general secretary of the BJP, has said that the party is in favour of continuing Governor’s rule in J&K. He said it would continue till mid-December.
Addressing a function to felicitate the newly elected municipal committee members and heads of the civic bodies at Kathua on Tuesday, Madhav said, “We are happy with the Governor’s rule and that is why the BJP has decided to continue with it for some time.”
Under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, there is no provision for the extension of Governor’s rule beyond six months. The Governor’s rule, imposed on June 20, expires on December 19. After that, the Centre has to impose President’s rule.
President’s rule in the state can be imposed after the Union Cabinet makes a recommendation to the President following a report of the Governor.
Madhav’s statement is significant as local BJP leaders are repeatedly claiming that they are going to form government in December after the panchayat elections.
“Even the public is happy. So, the party has decided that Governor’s rule will continue for some more time,” he said.
Coming down heavily on the NC and the PDP for boycotting the civic bodies elections, Madhav said both the parties had been exposed.
“Their duplicity stands exposed as they boycotted the urban local bodies polls and pressed for the dissolution of the Assembly for fresh elections,” he said, maintaining, “On the one hand they say they will not take part in the elections to safeguard Article 35A, but demand dissolution of the Assembly and fresh elections on the other.”
“If the Assembly elections are held tomorrow, will you fight or go by your boycott?” he asked both PDP and the NC. He said recently, both the parties had participated in the Kargil Council elections.
“They took part in the Kargil Council elections but boycotted the urban local bodies polls to scuttle the democratic exercise. However, people taught them a good lesson and forced them to take part in the panchayat polls,” Madhav said.

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