Cloudburst wreaks havoc in Leh

A cloudburst on Wednesday night wreaked a havoc in several villages of Leh district of the Ladakh region.
According to reports, the cloudburst caused extensive damage in Saboo, Shey Stakmo and Stakna villages of Leh district. Houses, link roads, irrigation canal and several vehicles were destroyed. However, there was no report of any loss of human life. Sources said the maximum damage was caused at Saboo village, about 10 km from Leh town.
“Fields and an irrigation canal were affected by the cloudburst in Stakna village. The link road from Mahabodhi Meditation Centre to Choglamsar was filled with debris. A flashflood brought debris and boulders on the land near the Druk Padma Karpo School, which is commonly known as Rancho school,” an official in the Deputy Commissioner’s office said.
A team of officials from the flood control, public works, and revenue departments, and police have been stationed at these villages since Wednesday night to provide support in the relief operations. The restoration work on roads, the removal of boulders and debris started in all villages early Thursday morning. Pertinently, Saboo village had suffered the most in the 2010 cloudburst when the members of a family were washed away in a flash flood.

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