Jammu at 40 degrees, Kashmir at 35 degrees, Heat wave declared across State

At 40 degrees Celsius, Jammu city on Monday recorded the hottest day of the year. “This is the highest recorded this year so far,” an official of the Met department said. “Similarly, the maximum temperature was 34.4 degrees Celsius in Srinagar today and yesterday it was 35 degrees Celsius,” it added.

The weather office said that Jammu city also recorded the hottest night this year at 31.4 on Sunday.

Meanwhile, heat wave has been declared across Kashmir as the maximum temperature was recorded at 34.4 degrees Celsius, 8.1 degrees Celsius above normal, with no signs of respite from the unusually high temperatures in the next few days.
Director Meteorological Department Sonam Lotus said the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir yesterday recorded the hottest day of this year so far at 35 degrees Celsius.
“When the maximum temperature is more than four degrees above the normal in the hilly areas, we declare a heat wave in those areas. In Kashmir, it has gone up between 6 and 8 degrees in all recording stations of the Valley,” he said.
Lotus said there was no respite in sight from the unusually high temperatures in the Valley over the next few days.
“This heat wave is expected to continue for the next few days,” he added.
Gulmarg tourist resort in north Kashmir was the coolest place in the Valley at 25.4 degrees Celsius, but the maximum temperature there was still 8.2 degrees Celsius above normal for this time of the year.

Ms Lotus said similar weather conditions will continue for three to four days.

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