Lal Singh slams Mehbooba Mufti’s ‘Double Standards’ over CBI Probe

Emboldened after getting a “pat” from BJP national president Amit Shah during a recent meeting, BJP leader Choudhary Lal Singh on Thursday vowed to intensify his struggle to “expose” the ruling elite of Kashmir for “hatching a conspiracy to demonise the ethnic Dogra minority of J&K.”
“This dispensation is propagating biased, discriminatory and anti-minority policies to appease radical and fundamentalist elements of the Kashmir valley,” Lal Singh said.
Reiterating his demand for handing over the infamous Rasana rape-murder case to the CBI, Lal Singh said Mehbooba Mufti had claimed in 2009 that she had no faith in the J&K Police probe into the Shopian rape-murder incident. “Mehbooba had vociferously demanded a CBI probe into that incident, but in the Rasana case, she has defended the same police,” he said.
Claiming that Jammu residents understood the “politics of deceit of Kashmiri leaders,” Lal Singh said people had united to resist the “radical aggression” of the Valley supported by the incumbent government.
He said people had resorted to a “disciplined agitation” in demanding a CBI inquiry into the Rasana case.
“This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many issues relating to the welfare of people of Jammu which were hijacked by Kashmir will also be exposed,” said Lal Singh adding that the Rasana incident had revealed the ruling elite’s double standards.
Referring to court cases where CBI inquiries were initiated to bring justice to the innocent, Lal Singh alleged that three hurried investigations conducted into the Rasana case were deliberately given a communal colour to label Dogras as criminals.
“We are not demanding anything which is legally not impossible. The Supreme Court has not restrained the state government from ordering a CBI probe. Those persons spreading lies on the behalf of the government should bear in mind that their fate would be decided by people of the Jammu region,” he said.
When asked about his stature having grown in the party, Lal Singh made it clear that his efforts were backed by the public and were meant to salvage the pride of Dogras.
“I am doing my job. Everything is now clear in the public eye. Besides being a politician, I am a Dogra first,” the BJP leader said.

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