Breakthrough needed to ward off conflict: Abdul Gani Bhat

Stating that India and Pakistan desperately need a breakthrough to ward off the ghosts of war, senior Hurriyat leader and Muslim Conference head Abdul Gani Bhat said an agenda with master strategy was must for generating “propitious political environment” in the region.
Bhat made these assertions during a meeting of the executive council members of the Muslim Conference here on Sunday. He said if strategies don’t work out, no breakthrough could happen.
“The Kashmir dispute involves two major countries of the South Asian region. Therefore, we will need an agenda with a master strategy to generate a propitious political environment,” Bhat said.
“As a matter of fact, the two nuclear countries desperately need a breakthrough with reference to dispute on Kashmir. If this somber reality is not recognised on time and for purpose, the consequences may be disastrous,” he added.

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