Shun confrontation, solve Kashmir Issue: Abdul Gani Bhat

Moderate separatist leader and former Hurriyat chairman Abdul Gani Bhat has urged India and Pakistan to see reason, shun confrontation and address the Kashmir issue.
He also urged the Kashmiri separatist leadership to rise above their narrow confines and self-interest to serve humanity at large.
Bhat, who also heads the Muslim Conference, was addressing a gathering of people in his native Botengoo village in north Kashmir.
Addressing the gathering with reference to verses from the Quran, Bhat said Muslims should never ever worship false gods.
“Raise your heads high and never bow to desires that run counter to your taller size. You have been chosen, be cautioned to lead people to a destination,” he said with reference to the separatist leadership of Kashmir.
“Resolve the Kashmir issue with a view to promoting togetherness. Let us behave as human beings with heads and hearts and leave fighting to beasts,” Bhat added.

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