Basant Rath cracks whip on commercial activities on residential premises

Asks Divisional Commissioners to take action

Basant Rath, IGP (Traffic), has now turned towards people who are using residential areas for commercial purposes and causing traffic congestion. The IG has written to the Divisional Commissioners of both Jammu and Kashmir regions to take appropriate action against the violators.
Rath, in two different letters to the Divisional Commissioners, stated that a lot of commercial establishments were operating in residential areas in different municipal areas, which was not only violating the municipal rules, but also creating traffic congestion.
“Owners have been playing havoc with the relevant municipal rules and laws by using their money, power and political connections. They are a threat to the physical and psychological well-being of the residents,” the letter reads.
Rath also requested the Divisional Commissioners to review the permits of such commercial establishments and take appropriate action under relevant laws.
Posh residential localities such as Raj Bagh, Jawahar Nagar and Sanat Nagar in Srinagar city and Gandhi Nagar, Nanak Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Channi and many more in Jammu city, have become hubs of commercial establishment. There are more than 10 schools, coaching centres, travel agencies, boutiques and hardware stores established in such localities. Residents of these localities have hailed the action of the IG.
On his Facebook account, Rath uploaded the letter written to the Divisional Commissioners, which was flooded with comments of appreciation. In reply to a comment, Rath said, “I am not a man of paper tiger, trust my arrogance.”

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