Changing weather pattern not good for farmers: Study

The winter is turning out to be driest period in the recent years in Jammu. The region has received below average rain since the withdrawal of monsoon in September last year.
Post-monsoon months of October, November and December are considered as dry months but there used to be occasional rain and thunderstorms beneficial for the rabi season. Except a few days of rainfall and snowfall in mid-December in 2017, the region is experiencing warm weather and cold nights.
“Although October-December is mainly dry, this year there was below average rainfall in the region. Last year monsoon withdrawal was on September 3 ahead of the normal date of September 30,” said Dr Mahendra Singh, senior scientist, Agro-met division, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu.
The weather in the region is dependent on western disturbance but according to a study, in recent years its arrival during winter months is getting delayed which is not a good sign for farmers and general population.
“The temperature has been falling for over a week now but people are eagerly waiting for rainfall in the plains and snowfall in the mountainous districts of the state. People are mostly facing respiratory issues,” said Dr Agnishekha, an ENT specialist.

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