Nehru arrested in Kashmir after brush with sentry

Thursday 21 Jul 1946 -BOMBAY-Pandit Nehru (Natîonaî Congress leader) was arrested while trying to enter Srinagar. Nehru earlier declared that if the Ban on his entry to Kashmir were not lifted, he would defy it and walk to Srinagar, says Renter.
Thc Stock Exchange and thc cotton market to-day were idle as a result of the Kashmir incidents. The local press has featured the story of an incident in which Nehru was slightly injured. Banner headlines include: “President Elect Bayoneted.”
Nehru was slightly injured, on the cheek by a bayonet when he tried to push back a sentry barring his way to Srinagar. Nehru’s companion, ‘Do wan Ohamalnl, a member of the Central Legislative Assembly, also received a slight bayonet injury while trying to defy the barrier.
Nehru ignored an order prohibiting hi» entry into Kashmir, which was served on him as soon us ho crossed the Kohala bridge, on the Kashmir border. He is still in Kashmir territory, but troops and police are barring thc road to Srinagar.
Heu ter’g Lahore correspondent says tyehru is reported to be detained at Domel, in the Himalayan
foothills, remote from telephone Fix this text and telegraph.
Dwarkanath Kaehrti, secretary of the Indian People’s Conference, which is associated with Congress, and which advised Nehru on the Kashmir situation, has been taken to Domol under police escort. He was arrested yesterday when the Nehru incident occurred.
The correspondent adds that when Nehru entered Kohala, he was greeted by Kashmiri shouting
“Go back!” It was his first experience of a hostile demonstration.

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