Farooq Abdullah hungry for publicity: Jammu West Assembly Movement

Terming former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah as ‘TRP hungry’, the Jammu West Assembly Movement (JWAM) on Tuesday said the Abdullahs only wanted to remain inthe limelight.
Addressing a press conference, Jammu West Assembly Movement president Sunil Dimple said the statements issued by Farooq Abdullah were irrelevant in the present situation and people across the state knew that National Conference leaders Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah were hungry for publicity.
“J&K is an integral part of India and it will remain a part of this great country. Unfortunately, those who are now out of power, are trying to remain in the limelight,” Dimple said.
Farooq Abdullah was habitual of joking and all his statements were not more than jokes and should not be given so much importance, he added.

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