Cong seeks judicial probe into Jay Shah’s businesses

Stepping up attack on the NDA government for defending BJP president Amit Shah’s son on the business deals of his companies, the Congress today demanded constitution of a judicial commission, comprising two sitting judges of the Supreme Court, to reveal the ‘truth’.
The party also asked Amit Shah to resign on moral grounds to ensure a free and fair probe into his son’s business dealings.
“The way companies of Jay Amit Shah, son of the BJP national president, grew during the last three years, it reflects the saffron party’s ‘Vikas’ plank on which the party had fought 2014 Lok Sabha election,” said Congress spokesman, Ajay Kumar, who came all the way to Jammu from Delhi to ‘expose the duplicity’ of the BJP on corruption and nepotism here today.
“It is unprecedented that a group of Union Ministers rushed to defend Jay Shah’s business deals despite the fact that he is not a representative of the government,” he said, adding, “It appears that there is something fishy in Jay’s business deals which is why the government is in panic”.
Pointing towards the media interaction of Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Kumar said it was an extraordinary practice that a minister came forward to defend an individual who was not even a part of the government.

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