Kashmir tourism videos take Internet by storm

Present aerial shots of Valley’s scenic spots; the videos get lakhs of views

The promotional campaign of the Tourism Department using drone cameras has taken the Internet by storm. Presenting aerial shots of Kashmir valley’s tourist spots, the videos are getting lakhs of views besides being widely shared.
A video showcasing the bridges of Srinagar city on the Jhelum has so far got over 2,18,500 views plus nearly 5,000 shares. Other videos, especially the one on Dal Lake and another on Gulmarg, too, are breaking the Internet.
Even though Valley’s every tourist spot has been captured by the photographers and videographers, these drone videos have presented Kashmir’s beauty like never before leaving both locals and intending tourists fascinated.
“I have been to all these places but I never imagined that these tourist spots would look so beautiful from an aerial view. The video on the bridges on the Jhelum was simply amazing. The look of our city from above surprised me,” said Imran Dar, a local.
The videos have particularly caught the attention of the intending tourists. “So beautiful, it needs to be treasured,” wrote Manju Sampat while Nandini Dassarma said: “It’s a green valley all around. Speechless beauty.”
Director Tourism, Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah said they would be making such videos on all major tourist spots of the region as part of efforts to woo more visitors to the Valley.
He said the Tourism Department had empanelled a few production houses that would be shooting these videos while adding that the duration of these short films would be from one to two minutes only. Shah said besides being uploaded on the social networking websites, the short films would be screened during tourism promotion events also in and outside the state.
Besides the drone videos, the department is also uploading other videos. A video showcasing fruits of Kashmir too has gone viral. The video has covered fruits like almond, walnut, cherry and apricots among others.
“A great video, we must include the orchards of different fruit varieties into our itineraries, I am sure tourists will love to visit them,” wrote Rauf Tramboo, who is a well-known adventure sports promoter and J&K State Sports Council member. “Never in the history such a huge tourism publicity on modern technology has taken place. This will definitely help us in coming times,” he added.

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